Facebook JS SDK API – Post Image to Feed

Here’s a little snippet that will post an image to a user’s feed. It’s pretty handy as it shows all the components of using the Facebook Javascript SDK to post to the Facebook API.

Facebook Set Auto Grow – A version that actually works

Edit October 25th, 2013

This is some updated code that I’ve found recently that works a bit better.

It can be triggered on load, or on an event. Theres no need for the setTimeout()… code any longer.

One the hard things about Facebook App development is debugging weird Facebook API issues.

One of them is the inconsistent use of the FB.Canvas Javascript methods. Particularly FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow and FB.Canvas.setSize. The documentation explains that (either or both?) can be used ad hoc to resize the app iframe. Well that’s not exactly the case, as neither work when called after the initial page load.

Although hacky, this solution actually works.